Scotland is home to over 180 different gins.
We have put together a definitive list of
50 that you must try at some point in your life.
How many of these special Scottish gins have you managed to try so far?

50 - 41

50. Tyree Gin

Tyree Gin is made to reflect the landscape of the Inner Hebridean island of Tiree. In case you are wondering why it is not Tiree Gin; Tyree is a historical spelling of the island.

Where: Isle of Tiree
Botanicals: Include Eyebright, Ladies Bedstraw, Water Mint and Angelica.
Expect to pay: £35 for 70cl

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Eden Mill Love Gin

49. Eden Mill Love Gin

St Andrews is the home of golf and now the home of Eden Mill Gin. When you love gin you have to try “Love Gin”. This tasty number has a pale pink colour when poured.

Where: St Andrews, Fife
Botanicals: 13 including rose petals, hibiscus, coriander seed, rasberry leaf
Garnish: Raspberries
Expect to pay: £35+ for 50cl

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48. Glaswegin

Without a shadow of a doubt this is one of the most well-designed bottles going. 100% Glasgow made this bottle of gin makes the ideal gift if you can resist temptation just to drink it yourself since it tastes very good too.

Where: Glasgow
Botanicals: Eight including pink peppercorns, milk thistle and orange flower.
Garnish: Lime
Expect to pay: £40 for 70cl

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Firkin Gin

47. Firkin Gin

Gin aged in American oak whiskey casks, this not just another ‘craft gin’. There are only 250 bottles created in each batch, each individually filled, corked, sealed, labelled and waxed by hand. This gin is pretty special.

Where: Edinburgh
Botanicals: Juniper, coriander seed, angelica root, orris root
Garnish: Orange
Expect to pay: £45 for 70cl

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46. Persie Zesty Citrus Gin

The name tells you exactly what to expect from this one. A bright, citrusy taste that is full of flavour. Persie Zesty Citrus Gin will brighten up any gin collection.

Where: Blairgowrie, Perthshire
Botanicals: Juniper, limes and oranges
Garnish: Lime and mint
Expect to pay: £30 for 50cl

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Colonsay Gin

45. Colonsay Gin

Sporting an impressive label featuring ALVA, Colonsay Gin is a classic London Dry gin. Sticking to the traditional gin style, only 160 bottles are made in each small batch. You can also visit this Hebridean Island and stay at the Wild Thyme Spirits Gin Retreat.

Where: Isle of Colonsay
Botanicals: Several including calamus root and coriander
Garnish: Orange peel
Expect to pay: £42 for 70cl

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Gin Bothy Gunshot Gin

44. Gin Bothy Gunshot Infused Gin

Infused with cinnamon, Gin Bothy’s Gunshot Infused Gin is an award winning gin that brings together one of Scotland’s oldest sports with everyone’s new favourite, gin.

Where: Kirriemuir, Angus
Botanicals: Base gin infused with cinnamon and other spices
Garnish: Slice of orange and a cinnamon stick
Expect to pay: £36 for 70cl

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Kintyre Gin

43. Kintyre Gin

Made at their Beirin an Tuiric distillery, this has the potential to be a cracking gin. It is produced using their own renewable energy. In fact everything about their gin is about sustainability and community. For every case of Kintyre Gin sold they will plant a tree.

Where: Kintyre, Argyll
Botanicals: 12 including coriander, angelica root
Garnish: Lime
Expect to pay: £36 for 70cl

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42. McQueen Chocolate Mint Gin

This is definitely something a bit different but it has to be tried. Sometimes you have to go against convention and the husband and wife team behind McQueen Gin are not scared to do just that. They also have a chocolate orange, smokey chilli and Mocha gin.

Where: Callander, Stirlingshire
Botanicals: Juniper, chocolate, mint
Garnish: Mint
Expect to pay: £32 for 50cl

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Barra atlantic gin

41. Barra Atlantic Gin

One in a long line of gins named after Scottish Islands, this award-winning gin is highly recommended if you want to try something that tastes a bit different to your normal gins.

Where: Isle of Barra
Botanicals: 17 including coriander, lemon peel, orange peel and angelica root
Garnish: Grapefruit
Expect to pay: £37 for 70cl


40 - 31

EG Seaside Gin

40. Edinburgh Seaside Gin

A collaborative gin with postgraduate students from Heriot-Watt University masters course in Brewing and Distilling, this taste of the Edinburgh seaside is well worth a try. Edinburgh Seaside Gin is a slightly sweet yet refreshingly minerally taste.

Where: Edinburgh
Botanicals: Several including seawood and scurvy grass
Garnish: Lemon
Expect to pay: £32 for 70cl

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Pickerings Original 1947 Gin

39. Pickerings Original 1947 Gin

Like gins with a spicy kick? Pickerings Original 1947 gin is worth a try. Their orange-topped bottle (normal Pickerings Gin comes with a red top) is made precisely to their 1947 original recipe which was written down in Mount Mary, Bombay.

Where: Edinburgh
Botanicals: Several including cardamon, coriander clove and cinnamon spice
Garnish: Lime
Expect to pay: £35 for 70cl

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Isle of Raasay Gin

38. Isle of Raasay Gin

Bottled at 46% using water from their own well, this is the first legal spirit from an island rooted in centuries of illicit distilling. All the juniper used in the gin is sourced on the island.

Where: Isle of Raasay
Botanicals: Ten including sweet orange peel and lemon peel
Garnish: Slice of orange peel
Expect to pay: £40 for 70cl

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Lind & Lime Gin

37. Lind and Lime Gin

 This gin is produced by Port of Leith distillers and not only comes in a strikingly beautiful bottle it also is an extremely good gin. 

Where: Edinburgh
Botanicals: Seven including lime peel and pink peppercorns
Garnish: Lime
Expect to pay: £35 for 70cl

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Crossbill Gin

36. Crossbill Gin

Crossbill Gin keeps it simple when it comes to the botanicals and goes for just two – juniper berries and rosehip. Sometimes you have to keep it simple.

Where: Glasgow
Botanicals: Juniper and rosehip
Garnish: Lime
Expect to pay: £40 for 70cl

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Esker Gin

35. Esker Gin

Described by makers Esker Spirits, Esker Gin is a modern and classic gin combination. It was two years in the making and the addition of silver birch sap was the flash of inspiration that made the gin that we get today.

Where: Royal Deeside, Aberdeenshire
Botanicals: Several including rosehip, pink peppercorns and silver birch sap
Garnish: Twist of orange zest
Expect to pay: £35+ for 70cl

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Elgin gin

34. El:Gin Gin

A slightly different gin from the norm, El:Gin is made with Scottish oats which add a soft creaminess to the taste. Be reassured this gin is still gluten-free due to the distillation process. In regards to the taste, expect it to be like a cranachan in a glass.

Where: Elgin, Moray
Botanicals: Several including oats and local fruits
Garnish: Raspberries
Expect to pay: £35 for 70cl

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33. Smugglers Gin

A bronze medallist at the World Gin Awards, this is another excellent gin from Edinburgh. If you like their gin, their vodka might be worth checking out too.

Where: Edinburgh
Botanicals: Lemony and citrus based
Garnish: Lemon
Expect to pay: £38 for 70cl

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Daffys Gin Bottle

32. Daffys Gin

The self-proclaimed ‘world’s best gin’ is definitely a fine tasting gin. This 43.4% gin sources their botanicals from around the world but being an Edinburgh based gin it is most definitely one of ours.

Where: Edinburgh
Botanicals: Eight including Lebanese mint, coriander seeds, orange peel, lemon peel
Garnish: Lime and mint
Expect to pay: £35 – £40 for 70cl

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Teasmith Gin

31. Teasmith Gin

Like gin? Like tea? Then Teasmith Gin is a must try gin. Made with hand-picked tea, it has a ‘characteristic’ taste. This is a very unique Scottish gin which puts it very much at home on this of 50 Scottish gins to try before you die.

Where: Aberdeenshire
Botanicals: Eight including coriander, angelica root, grains of paradise, hand-picked tea
Garnish: Lemon or pink grapefruit peel
Expect to pay: £35 for 70cl

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30 - 21

30. Kinrara Distillery Gin

A taste of Aviemore for you to try. We were going to call this an underrated gin but it has two World Gin Awards under its belt so we are not the only ones to like it.

Where: Aviemore, Highlands
Botanicals: Include orange peel, rosehip and pine needles
Garnish: Orange peel
Expect to pay: £35 for 70cl

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Devil's Staircase Gin

29. Devil’s Staircase Gin

Devil’s Staircase gin is named after a legendary trek in the West Highlands of Scotland. This Highland Spiced Gin has the flavours of beautiful citrus zest, warm cardamom and nutmeg.

Where: North Ballachulish (near Glencoe), Highlands
Botanicals: Includes cardamom and nutmeg
Garnish: Orange Peel
Expect to pay: £40 for 70 cl

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28. Roehill Springs Gin No 5

Another award winning gin on the list. This delightful gin is distilled, bottled, waxed and labelled on the Morrison Farm in the North East of Scotland. Keith to be exact.

Where: Keith, Moray
Botanicals: Coriander, Cassia bark, Orris root, Pink peppercorns, Angelica root, Lemon peel & Rhubarb
Garnish: Orange
Expect to pay: £38 for 70cl

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27. eeNoo Gin

A name taken from old Scots language, this delightful gin comes from the Lost Loch Distillery. Expect a smooth but hint of fruitiness in this one.

Where: Royal Deeside
Botanicals: 12 including juniper, raspberries, almonds and orange
Garnish: Strawberries
Expect to pay: £35 for 70cl

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26. Tobermory Gin

What’s the story Tobermory? Well, I will tell you the story. Get this gin bought. It has a unique character and one for any gin collection at home.

Where: Isle of Mull
Botanicals: Includes tea, heather, elderflower and sweet orange peel
Garnish: Sprig of Thyme & Blood Orange
Expect to pay: £30 for 70cl

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Avva Gin

25. Avva

The second of two gins from Elgin on the list. Avva gin is a very pleasant and underrated gin. It turns out Avva means respected grandmother or mother in the Indian language of Dravidian.

Where: Elgin
Botanicals: 11 including dandelion, nettles, mint and rowan berries.
Garnish: Lime
Expect to pay: £40 for 70cl

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LoneWolf Gin

24. Lonewolf Gin

Brewdog, not satisfied in taking Scottish craft beer to a global market, the boys have only went and released a gin. Their V3 Lonewolf Gin is their 181st prototype and you know they are not lying when they say no corners are cut or compromises made in getting their gin right.

Where: Ellon, Aberdeenshire
Botanicals: 13 including cardamon, Thai lemongrass, red grapefruit peel, Scots pine needles
Garnish: Orange
Expect to pay: £25 for 70cl

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red castle gin

23. Redcastle Gin

This gin has a strong following since launching in 2017. Each bottle is individually filled, sealed, wax dipped, labelled and numbered, by hand, at Redcastle Brewery in Carmyllie.

Where: Carmyllie, Angus
Botanicals: 13 including kaffir lime leaf and pink peppercorn
Garnish: Orange Peel
Expect to pay: £35 for 70cl

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Verdant Gin Dundee

22. Verdant Dry Gin

Scottish Gin of the Year at the 2017 Scottish Gin Awards, Verdant Dry Gin is a mighty fine gin. From the home of the first distillery in Dundee for 200 years, we recommend you try and seek this one out.

Where: Dundee
Botanicals: Ten including coriander seed, lemon peel, liquorice, grains of paradise
Garnish: Orange Peel
Expect to pay: £35 for 70cl

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House of Elrick Gin

21. House of Elrick Gin

The makers of House of Elrick Gin describe themselves as a hand crafted, artisan gin and one of the finest available. We can’t argue too much, it is a great gin. The gin is made with the freshest water from Loch Ness for what it is worth.

Where: Newmacher, Aberdeenshire
Botanicals: Eight including heather, pink peppercorns, sweet fennel and rose petals
Garnish: Lime
Expect to pay: £40 for 70cl

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20 - 11

Edinburgh Gin

20. Edinburgh Gin

Not many gins in Scotland are named purely after the place of origin but Edinburgh Gin won’t leave you in any doubt where it originates. There a number of flavoured gin liquers from the Edinburgh Gin that are also worth trying. The tour is recommended too.

Where: Edinburgh
Botanicals: 13 including lavender, pine buds, mulberries, lemongrass and lime peel
Garnish: Twist of orange
Expect to pay: £30+ for 70cl

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19. Garden Shed Gin

This Glasgow based gin’s founders include two Scottish rugby players. Their aim is to be both ethical and environmentally friendly with some of their profits going to environmental charities.

Where: Glasgow
Botanicals: Includes lavender and blackberries
Garnish: Rosemary
Expect to pay: £40 for 70cl

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Makar Original Dry Gin

18. Makar Glasgow Gin

Makar Glasgow Gin is an essential edition to our 50 Scottish gins to try before you die list. Makar Gin has a colourful taste and with tonic can be slightly peppery.

Where: Glasgow
Botanicals: Seven including lemon peel, peppercorns, coriander seeds, cassia, liquorice, rosemary, angelica root
Garnish: Green chilli or rosemary
Expect to pay: £40 for 70cl

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Boe Violet Gin

17. Boe Violet Gin

How do you make your gin stand out? Infuse it with violets to give it an amazing colour that is accompanied with a light, delicate floral taste. A bottle of Boe Violet Gin will most certainly bring a bit of colour to your gin collection.

Where: Stirling
Botanicals: 13 including coriander, ginger, orange peel. lemon peel, liquorice, almonds
Garnish: Blueberries
Expect to pay: £35 for 70cl

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Porters Gin

16. Porters Gin

Created by three guys from Aberdeen and named after a professor who lent the distilling equipment. Porters gin is made at the first distillery in over 100 years and it ain’t half bad which means it is more than deserving of a place on our list.

Where: Aberdeen
Botanicals: 12 including pink peppercorn, orange peel, buddha’s hand, cassia bark
Garnish: Orange
Expect to pay: £35 for 70cl

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Downpour Gin

15. Downpour Gin

The bottle. The name. The taste. This gin from the North Uist distillery is absolutely magnificent. And if you ever needed an excuse for a gin when it is raining, you now have one.

Where: North Uist
Botanicals: Several including locally foraged heather
Garnish: Twist of lime or sprig of rosemary
Expect to pay: £44 for 70cl

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Achroous Gin

14. Achroous Gin

A gin that might divide opinion which means you really have to try this Scottish gin. Made by Leith’s Electric Spirit Co. this gin is made with sichuan pepper and fennel seed which brings a distinct taste to proceedings. It also comes in a funky bottle.

Where: Leith, Edinburgh
Botanicals: Seven including sichuan pepper, coriander and fennel seed, orris root and liquorice
Garnish: Orange
Expect to pay: £40 for 70cl

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Lussa Gin

13. Lussa Gin

This beauty from the Isle of Jura comes with the slogan “An adventure in gin”. Lussa gin comes from an all-female ‘women in gin’ team. Expect a full bodied floral gin that brings the taste buds to life.

Where: Isle of Jura
Botanicals: 15 including lemon thyme, coriander seeds, rose petals, lemon balm leaves, elderflower
Garnish: Lemon
Expect to pay: £50 for 70cl

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Orkney Mikkelmas Gin

12. Orkney Mikklemas Gin

This is a winter inspired gin to compliment their summer inspired gin, Johnsmas. Orkney Mikklemas Gin is a spicy, silky smooth gin that follows the bathtub method of making gin.

Where: Orkney Islands
Botanicals: Six including mulled spices, seville orange peel, cinnamon, rose hip and heather berries.
Garnish: Lime or orange
Expect to pay: £35 – £40 for 70cl

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Caorunn Gin

11. Caorunn Gin

A strong player in the Scottish gin market, Caorunn is a widely popular gin that doesn’t disappoint. Not only does it come in a distinctly shaped bottle, it is quadruple-distilled, if you are into that sort of thing.

Where: Cairngorms
Botanicals: 11 including rowan berries, heather, bog myrtle, apple
Garnish: Sliced red apple
Expect to pay: £35 for 70cl

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10 - 1

Shetland Reel Gin

10. Shetland Reel Gin

From the only actual gin distillery on the Shetland Isles comes this fantastic Shetland Reel gin. Not only is it the sole distillery on the island but it is also the most northern in the UK.

Where: Shetland Isles
Botanicals: Eight including coriander, orris root, citrus peel and apple mint
Garnish: Raspberries
Expect to pay: £35 – £42 for 70cl

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Arbikie Kirsty's Gin

9. Arbikie Kirstys’ Gin

Distilled from Arbikie’s potato vodka, this gin has a unique and distinctive taste that must be tried. Kirstys’ gin is named after master distiller Kirsty Black. High five for getting a gin named after yourself, Kirsty!

Where: Arbroath
Botanicals: Four including kelp, carline thistle and blaeberries
Garnish: Blueberries and lemon
Expect to pay: £35+ for 70cl

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Misty Isle Gin

8. Misty Isle Gin

A 2017 gin that is extremely refreshing. This Isle of Skye gin uses spring water from the Storr Lochs and is definitely one to try sooner rather than later. That’s if you can get your hands on some.

Where: Isle of Skye
Botanicals: 11 including coriander seeds, angelica root and lemon peel
Garnish: Orange peel
Expect to pay: £35+ for 70cl

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Hills & Harbour Gin

7. Hills and Harbour Gin

Both the most northern and southern gins feature on this list. Hills and Harbour Gin takes the southern title just over the Solway gins. This is a complex and refreshing gin from the Crafty Distillery that comes in a rather fetching bottle.

Where: Newton Stewart, Dumfries and Galloway
Botanicals: 11 including noble fir pine needles, bladderwrack seaweed
Garnish: Mango
Expect to pay: £33 for 70cl

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The Botanist Gin

6. The Botanist Gin

The Botanist has established itself as a popular gin not just in Scotland but the UK and rightly so. Another island gin but this time from Islay. Made with 31 botanicals it is a sensation to the nose let alone the fresh taste in the mouth.

Where: Isle of Islay
Botanicals: 31 including 22 local bontanicals
Garnish: Mint leaf
Expect to pay: £30 – £35 for 70cl

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NB Gin

5. NB Gin

Scottish gins win awards and NB Gin has a few prestigous honours under its belt. If it is good enough for the queen’s 90th birthday, it is good enough for us, right? This is a cracking London Dry gin but don’t just take our word for it.

Where: North Berwick, East Lothian
Botanicals: Several including lemon peel, cassia bark, angelica root, coriander seed
Garnish: Orange
Expect to pay: £30 for 70cl

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Kirkjuvagr Gin

4. Kirkjuvagr Orkney Gin

Kirkjuvagr has only been around since 2016 but it is a must try for all gin lovers. It hasn’t taken long for more than just us to tell you though. Kirkjuvagr Orkney Gin has been nominated in the 2017 Scottish Gin Awards. This gin lives and breathes Orkney.

Where: Kirkwall, Orkney
Botanicals: Several including Ramana Rose, Burnet Rose and Borage
Garnish: A twist of orange rind
Expect to pay: £45 for 70cl

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Rock Rose Gin Bottle

3. Rock Rose Gin

A multi-award winning gin from Dunnet Bay Distillers. Rock Rose should be on everyone’s bucket list. Dunnet Bay have released a few special editions but this is the original. It is also one of our favourite bottles.

Where: Thurso, Caithness
Botanicals: Several including rhodiola rosea, sea buckthorn, rowan berries
Garnish: Rosemary or mint leaves
Expect to pay: £35 – £40 for 70cl

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Hendricks Gin
Isle of Harris Gin

2. Hendrick’s Gin

The daddy of them all and a pioneer for craft Scottish gins across the world. Hendrick’s is available worldwide. It is a favourite gin for many. If you are looking for your first gin to try then look no further. Pour a Hendrick’s Gin over ice, a slice of cucumber and top up with Fever Tree Tonic. You can thank us later.

Where: Girvan, Ayrshire
Botanicals: Juniper, Rose and Cucumber
Garnish: Cucumber
Expect to pay: £30 for 70cl

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1. Isle of Harris Gin

The one and only. There was a bit of a buzz when Isle of Harris Gin hit the market and the buzz around this gin has continued to get bigger and bigger. This is a flowery gin on first taste. It is also one of the best bottle designs in the business.

Where: Isle of Harris, Outer Hebridies
Botanicals: Nine including sugar kelp, angelica root, liquorice and bitter orange peel
Garnish: Grapefruit or lime
Expect to pay: £35 for 70cl

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